Fort Worth’s Favorite Jazz & Gospel Band

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There are Jazz Bands, and then there's Faces The Band, and if you think they're the same, you've obviously never been to a Faces show. When the incredibly likable personalities of Faces plays it's more than your typical Jazz performance. It's energetic, unpredictable, classy, and fun all at the same time. As saxophonist Dewayne Washington leader of Faces puts it, "Faces is more than just music."

"It's an Experience; it's more than just a tag line," Washington said. "We try to get the audience more than they can experience in a short period of time. We've had tap dancers; little kids and even massage therapists in our shows. You just never know what we are going to do!"

When Dewayne isn't filling up seats at the Bass Hall and traveling all over the country, he's a married father of four, with his latest addition being announced from the Bass Hall Stage last year. This well-rounded performer is actually known to many as "Pastor Washington," serving as youth Pastor of Charity Church and was originally trained as a computer programmer.

Washington is in good company among fellow Faces members. Brains run in the band; Dale Turner, Bass Player for Faces, is actually an aerospace engineer, Nick Hubbard, the Drummer, is on his way to law school and trumpet master Marcus Rockwell once served as the CEO of the American Red Cross. Other members of Faces include the infamous saxophonist Ahmad Johnson. His off-shoe antics are enough to laugh you to your knees. Ahmad, playfully nicknamed "the off one" ironically enough, is a schoolteacher... for troubled kids. The band also includes Daymond Callahan who has been called the greatest keyboard player in the state of Texas.

The best way to describe Faces is with a new word, because they've created a new form of music, "Jospel." A perfect blend of Jazz and Gospel, and you truly have to SEE them to appreciate this show.

You can catch Faces at the historic Scott Theatre in Fort Worth on Sept 1, 2007 at 7 p.m. The show will also feature Phase 2 Dance Ensemble from Fort Worth and Houston. This upcoming concert is sponsored by Ovation Dining & Entertainment. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by calling 1-877-725-8849 , by visiting or by email

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